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Body odor
Irritated skin
Stretch marks

Our solution

Red algae are known as Rhodophyta, containing over 7,000 currently recognized species with taxonomic revisions ongoing. Marine macro algae are considered as promising sustainable alternatives sources of health-promoting bioactive natural products, due to their broad range of biological activities. These beneficial biological activities are related to the chemical composition and structure of the macro algae polysaccharides, phenolic compounds, Tyrosine inhibitors and amino acid Arginine.

The world’s need for a natural material who rich in useful medical properties leads Sealaria Ltd. to specialize in the sustainable and clean growth of macro red algae- Gracilaria. Sealaria’s experts develop a unique raw material- SEALARIA™ Gelatinized Red Algae, based on 100% red algae. Our technoalgae process is exceptional due to the growing conditions and low temperature which enables us to preserve all vitamins and essential components. The powerful organic substance lies in the synergy between the aromatherapy compounds and SEALARIA™ Gelatinized Red Algae technoalgae, which allows deep penetration of vitamins and ingredients into the skin and body.

Sealaria delivered performance material in the marketplace by innovative solutions.

Our functional SEALARIA™ Gelatinized Red Algae imparts unique bioactive properties, with added value, too many diverse products.

Performance material

  • SEALARIA Gelatinized Red Algae
  • SEALARIA De-salted Gelatinized Red Algae
  • SEALARIA Liquidized Red Algae

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  • Safety assessment
  • Dermatology test
  • Analytical AA profile